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White Half Moon Shelf

White Half Moon Shelf

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Unveiling the Elegance: The White Half Moon Shelf

  • Handmade in the USA from 3/4 inch thick pine wood
  • Perfect for displaying crystal collections and storing essential oil
  • Hangs easily on the wall with 12.5" diameter base and 12" height
  • Each shelf is 4" deep with 3.5" distance between shelves

Note: Handmade item may have slight variation in size and features

In a world where design meets functionality, the White Half Moon Shelf from Team Yaya
emerges as a beacon of sophistication and utility. Crafted with meticulous attention to
detail, this exquisite piece transcends mere furniture, becoming a statement of style and
grace in any space it graces. Join us on a journey through the allure of this exceptional
shelving unit, where form meets function in perfect harmony.

The Aesthetic Appeal

A Vision of Simplicity

At first glance, the White Half Moon Shelf captivates with its simplicity. The clean lines
and minimalist design evoke a sense of tranquility, creating an ambiance of serenity in
any room. Whether adorning a living space, bedroom, or office, its understated elegance
effortlessly elevates the atmosphere, inviting admiration from all who behold it.

A Splash of Elegance

Beyond its simplicity lies a touch of elegance that sets the White Half Moon Shelf apart.
The pristine white finish exudes sophistication, infusing the surroundings with a sense
of refinement and class. Each curve and contour is meticulously crafted, reflecting the
artisanal craftsmanship that defines Team Yaya's creations.

The Functional Charm 

Maximizing Space

While beauty is paramount, the White Half Moon Shelf does not compromise on
functionality. Its crescent shape is not just aesthetically pleasing but also optimizes
space utilization. With multiple tiers of shelving, it offers ample room for displaying
cherished mementos, books, or decorative items, ensuring both style and practicality in
equal measure.

Versatile Placement

Versatility is another hallmark of this remarkable shelf. Whether mounted on a wall or
placed on the floor, it seamlessly integrates into any setting, adapting to the unique
layout and décor of the space. Its versatility makes it a versatile addition to any home or
office, effortlessly blending with diverse interior styles.

Elevating Spaces, Inspiring Minds

The White Half Moon Shelf transcends its role as mere furniture, becoming a catalyst
for inspiration and creativity. Its presence infuses the surroundings with a sense of
harmony and balance, fostering an environment conducive to productivity and
well-being. As a focal point of the room, it sparks conversations and ignites
imaginations, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it.

In a world where design meets functionality, the White Half Moon Shelf stands as a
testament to the power of impeccable craftsmanship and timeless elegance. From its
minimalist aesthetic to its versatile functionality, it embodies the essence of
sophistication and style. As a symbol of refined taste and impeccable design, it elevates
any space it inhabits, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold it.


Q1: Is the White Half Moon Shelf easy to assemble?

Yes, the White Half Moon Shelf comes with simple assembly instructions,
making it easy to set up in minutes.

Q2: Can the shelf support heavy items?

While the shelf is sturdy, it is recommended to avoid placing excessively
heavy items on it to maintain its integrity.

Q3: Does the White Half Moon Shelf come with mounting hardware?

Yes, the shelf includes all necessary mounting hardware for easy installation.

Q4: Is the white finish prone to staining or discoloration?

The white finish of the shelf is durable and resistant to staining, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

Q5: Can the shelf be customized to fit specific dimensions?

At this time, the White Half Moon Shelf is available in standard dimensions and cannot be customized.

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