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Set of 5 Pine Wooden Circles 12'' Diameter And 1'' Thickness for Art ,Crafts & Other DIY Projects

Set of 5 Pine Wooden Circles 12'' Diameter And 1'' Thickness for Art ,Crafts & Other DIY Projects

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  • Thickness 1 Inch
  • Diameter 12 Inches 
  • Pack of 5

Crafting enthusiasts rejoice! Dive into the world of DIY projects with our Pine Wooden
Round Pack of 5, featuring 12-inch diameter blank wood rounds that are 1 inch thick.
Let's explore the versatility and creativity these wooden circles offer.

Crafting Possibilities

1. Versatile Blank Canvas

Unleash your imagination on these edge-glued pine wood circles. Their blank surface
invites endless possibilities, whether you're painting, staining, or engraving.

2. Sturdy Foundation

With a thickness of 1 inch, these wood rounds provide a solid base for your creations.
Say goodbye to flimsy materials and hello to durability.

DIY Projects Galore

3. Personalized Décor

Transform these wood rounds into unique door hangers or signs. Add a personal touch
to your home or gift them to loved ones for a heartfelt gesture.

4. Functional Art Pieces

Create functional art pieces like clocks or side tables for coffee. Merge aesthetics with
utility to elevate your living space.

Let Creativity Flourish

5. Endless Inspiration

The only limit is your imagination. Dive into DIY tutorials, explore Pinterest boards, and
let inspiration guide your hands as you craft one-of-a-kind pieces.

6. Family Fun

Gather the family for a crafting session. Bond over the joy of creating together and
cherish the memories made with each wooden masterpiece.

Embrace the endless possibilities offered by our Pine Wooden Round Pack of 5. From
crafting personalized décor to functional art pieces, these wood rounds are the perfect
starting point for your DIY journey. Order yours today and let your creativity soar.


Q1: Are these wood rounds suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, these pine wood rounds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them
perfect for various projects.

Q2: Can I easily paint or stain these wood rounds?

Absolutely! The smooth surface of the wood rounds allows for easy painting, staining,
or engraving to suit your creative vision.

Q3: How thick are these wood rounds?

Each wood round is 1 inch thick, providing a sturdy foundation for your DIY projects.

Q4: Can I use these wood rounds for pyrography?

Yes, these wood rounds are suitable for pyrography, allowing you to create intricate
designs with ease

Q5: Are these wood rounds sustainably sourced?

Yes, we take pride in sourcing our pine wood responsibly, ensuring minimal impact on
the environment.

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